Your College Counseling Operations Suite

Applimize is the perfect tool for college counselors to manage their students more effectively.
With our platform, counselors can easily keep track of their students' progress, monitor their academic performance, and identify areas where they need additional support. This makes it easier for counselors to provide targeted guidance and support, helping students to achieve their goals and succeed in college.

Application Tracker
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Resource Management
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Branded Portal
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For Organizations Serious about Higher Education

Mentorship Agencies

Stop tracking your graduates' college search results in a spreadsheet. Instead, offer them access to a powerful tracking tool and give your advisors the ability to follow students' progress. Bring your advisors and students together in one platform.


Offer your students, new graduates, and alumni the best application tracking tool in the market. Get insightful data for your counseling services department and discover students' placement trends, regardless of the platform they apply from.

Community Based Organizations

You've provided your students with the support they need to succeed. Now it's time to find them a great university to further their education! Applimize will help your students stay organized and on track during their search, and will allow your team to understand each applicant’s unique situation.

Keep Everyone Involved

Collaborate and share data with ease among applicants, internal teams, and advisors with our unified system.


A robust solution to help students organize their applications by tracking all opportunities in a single place, while monitoring tasks, essays, scholarships, documents, activities, college details, and important dates.


Your coaching team gets to view and manage all of your applicants in one single place, design and track goals, review documents, share opportunities and more.