Should You Use AI for Your College Essays? The Pros and Cons


You might be tempted to use AI writing tools like ChatGPT for your college essays. After all, these tools are known for generating well-structured and grammatically correct text. But should you? This article aims to explore the pros and cons of using AI for college essays, especially when applying to selective colleges.
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Why AI Tools Like ChatGPT Can Be Tempting

ChatGPT and similar AI writing tools offer several advantages:
  1. Engaging Language: These tools can produce text that is both engaging and easy to read.
  1. Structural Integrity: The essays generated usually follow a logical structure, making them easy to follow.
  1. Relevance: AI tools often incorporate buzzwords and phrases that are commonly associated with what colleges look for in essays.

The Downsides of Using AI for College Essays

However, there are significant drawbacks to consider:

Authenticity and Voice

  1. Lack of Personal Voice: AI-generated essays lack the personal touch, the unique voice that makes you stand out among thousands of applicants.
  1. Detectability: Admissions officers, who read numerous essays, can often spot AI-generated content. Some colleges even use AI detection tools to identify such essays.

Content Depth and Relevance

  1. Lack of Depth: While AI can produce text that sounds good on the surface, it often lacks the depth and nuance that admissions officers look for.
  1. Misalignment with Criteria: AI doesn't understand the specific traits that colleges look for in applicants, such as drive, intellectual curiosity, and initiative.

Real-World Example: An Analysis

Let's consider an example essay generated by ChatGPT. At first glance, the essay seems well-written and engaging. However, upon closer inspection, it falls short in several areas:
  1. Generic Content: The essay includes generic statements like "These experiences have taught me a great deal about myself and others." Such statements lack specificity and don't offer a compelling narrative.
  1. Overuse of Descriptive Language: Phrases like "the azure-blue day of my departure" may sound poetic but don't add value to the essay.
  1. Buzzwords Over Substance: The essay uses buzzwords like "transformative power of education" without providing concrete examples to back them up.

How to Use AI Tools Effectively

While AI tools like ChatGPT may not be suitable for writing your entire essay, they can still be useful in other ways:
  1. Brainstorming: Use AI to help generate ideas or themes for your essay.
  1. Structural Feedback: You can ask the AI for feedback on the structure of your draft.
  1. Word Count Reduction: If you're struggling to meet word count requirements, AI can help identify areas where you can cut down.


While AI writing tools offer some advantages, they can't replace the unique voice and depth that come from authentic human experiences. If you're applying to selective colleges, it's best to write your own essays. However, you can still use AI tools to assist in the brainstorming or editing phases, provided you use them wisely.
If you're serious about your college application, consider working with a human writing coach. They can provide personalized guidance that no AI tool can match. After all, your college essay is not just another piece of writing; it's a crucial component of your future.