The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Track of College Applications: How Applimize Streamlines Your Application Process

College application season can be both exciting and stressful. With deadlines looming, essays to write, and a future to plan, staying organized is crucial. But fret not, we've got you covered with a simple, yet effective way to keep track of your college applications—Applimize. Read on to learn how to leverage this incredible tool and simplify your college application journey.
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Why You Need to Be Organized

Before we delve into the Applimize solution, let’s talk about why staying organized is so critical. The benefits are three-fold:
  1. Miss No Deadlines: Colleges are strict about deadlines, and missing one can cost you an opportunity.
  1. Quality Over Quantity: By tracking what needs to be done, you can allocate time effectively and submit well-thought-out applications.
  1. Peace of Mind: A systematic approach will leave you less stressed and more confident.

What is Applimize?

Applimize is a web-based platform designed to help students streamline the college application process. From keeping track of deadlines to managing your essays and resume, it’s a one-stop solution for all your application needs.

How to Use Applimize: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Create an Account

Visit the Applimize website and sign up using your email. A simple registration process will lead you to your dashboard.

Step 2: Add Colleges

Use the "Add College" feature to list down all the schools you're applying to. Applimize will auto-populate deadlines, making it easy to stay on track.

Step 3: Manage Essays

The platform has a dedicated section for essays. Here, you can not only list topics but also upload drafts, making revisions a breeze.

Step 4: Upload Your Resume

Applimize offers a dedicated space for your resume. Keep it updated, so you're always ready to attach it to any application.

Step 5: Track and Update

Use the intuitive tracking feature to monitor the status of your applications, essays, and other prerequisites.

Top 3 Features of Applimize

  1. Integrated Calendar: The calendar feature will sync all your deadlines, ensuring you never miss one.
  1. Collaborative Environment: Invite parents, teachers, or counselors to review your materials and provide invaluable feedback.
  1. Data Security: Applimize values your privacy and ensures that all your data is encrypted and securely stored.

Final Thoughts

The college application process doesn't have to be chaotic. With platforms like Applimize, you can bring order to the chaos and make your application journey smooth and efficient. So why wait? Sign up for Applimize and take the first step towards a well-organized and successful college application experience.
Happy applying!

This informational essay was written by Sujay Kolpuru, BASIS Scottsdale ‘24. If you want to get help with your college applications check out too get started.